Hair Botox
Hair Botox
Treatment from €120
Keratin Straightening
Treatment from €150
Is this for me?
Is my hair...
Over processed?
Bleached too many times?
Dyed too many times?
Coarse or dull?
Straightened for too long?
Thin and lifeless?
Full of split ends?
Cocochoco Botox Keratin Treatment is the ultimate way to revive your hair. Using all natural ingredients it helps you restores and rebuilds the treated hair leaving the hair soft, smooth and silky to touch.

The action of BOTOX lasts from 8 to 16 weeks, depending on the after care and structure of the hair, porosity and other features of individual hair. The procedure is based on the principle that the structure of damaged porous, chemically damaged or otherwise damaged hair is restored in a unique complex formula of beneficial restorative materials.

This is a professional procedure for deeply nourishing/ rebuilding and restoring hair in the salon.The more damaged the hair, the more visible the effect. Hair becomes resistant to moisture and rain, does not swell, reduce the static, reduce curl, combs easily, is flexible, much easier to maintain, protected against UV rays (sun, sunbathing, etc.).

All in one treatment;
-Restores dry damaged hair
-Improves hair texture and shine
-Hydrates and deeply conditions
-Treats split ends and tames frizz
-UV protection