state of the art sunbeds
Using the best in the industry including the Solan Sunbeds Luxura X10
Accredited and licensed Sunbed salon.
EU Regulated.
Member of the Sunbed Association.
Luxura X10 clearly is the most sophisticated product within the Luxura range of sunbeds. Its combination of cool design and powerful efficiency offers an extraordinary tanning experience.

We have five state of the art sunbed machines. Take your choice of lie down beds or standing machines. We also retail the tanning products to enhance and maintain your tan here at the salon.

Prices from €0.80c per minute.
30 Mins and 3 shots €24
60 Mins and 3 shots €48
90 Mins and 5 shots €72
120 Mins and 5 shots €96
200 Mins and bottle of lotion (worth €20) €150

SPRAY TAN is also available using the Bellamianta brand. From €28